Woodmaker - about us

Patryk Bieg, a lover of organic shapes and functional solutions in furniture design – the creator and founder of Woodmaker. Years of communing with natural raw materials and an extremely creative mind forced him to share his artistic vision with the rest of the world.

Woodmaker is a carpentry company that creates unique doors, furniture, wooden stairs and full interiors. We undertake unusual projects. We believe that the company is built by people. In our case, these are very excellent and specialized carpenters.

We deal with broadly understood carpentry and work in wood, which we have always been passionate about. In our work, we combine traditional techniques with an innovative approach and technology.

In our studio, we design and manufacture modern interior design elements, mainly everyday furniture.

We are happy to cooperate with other architects and designers in the implementation of unusual orders that are united by one denominator – attention to detail, aesthetics of workmanship and transparency of form.

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Phone number: +48 601 399 427
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73-110 Stargard
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